28 March 2012

SOHO Coffee Singapore - A Revisit

27th March 2012, Tuesday, is a day of revisit to my favorite coffee shop. Honestly, I haven't finished collecting stamps from other coffee shops that participated in Coffee Trail. But since the trail is over, I need not to rush my coffee shop hunting and stamp collection.

the wordy-FOODIE.

Since this is my second time (and definitely not my last!) in the shop, I ordered a different coffee and a different food. I had a Creme Brulee Latte, Cheesy Beef Lasagna and Chocolate Chip Brownie Cake.
Creme Brulee Latte. You know that custard mixture on a small cup, an egg shell, or anything else, that has the burnt sugar granules on the surface? That was a delicious dessert. So, what will happen if you have a taste of that in your coffee? Wouldn't it be more time-conserving, convenient and oh-so-yummy? That is what Creme Brulee Latte is. I actually find it weird to have a custard-dessert flavored coffee. It sounds weird to me but it was a recommendation by the staff so why not try it out? I did not regret it. It made me much more happier even!

It was creamy but not sweet. It is certainly coffee so don't think that it will taste all-creme-brulee. It is just an additional flavor to the coffee. They gave me a bear coffee art this time. Cute! It is funny why I thought of Yogi bear first. And since it's a latte, it was on a latte glass.

Cheesy Beef Lasagna. Firstly, it was a huge serving and I recommend to share it with two or three people. It was not the same as Greenwich's (in Philippines) beef lasagna. This one is definitely worth your money. You may think that you got the wrong order, or maybe not since I did not, but you really did not. The huge serving of the beef lasagna was placed in a soup plate. A soup plate is a plate with depth and, as it name suggest, is used for soup. You can see it being used for pasta or salads sometimes but for fine dining it is used for clear or cream soup on top of a liner. I learned this from school, and that is true, so please don't think too weirdly of me. :)

It looks like a rice omelet (a.k.a. omurice) since it's all covered in cheese. It is cheesy but not to the point of leaving your food unfinished. Aside from being cheesy, it is also beefy. I mean, I can't even make out the pasta from the dish. On one side, there is tomato sauce which is a bit sweet. You should eat it together with the beef, cheese, and pasta (if there was really some). It tastes great that way. Since it's all beefy and cheesy and I think the tomato sauce they gave me is not enough, and I'm alone, I almost did not finish it. But I just can't waste food since I'm paying for it. To put it simply, it is delicious if you know how to play with flavors and initiate some modification.

The Chocolate Chip Brownie Cake. I am not even sure if that is the name of the dish but I thought it should be something like this, so be it. It just made my day! It is a brownie cake because it is not very soft like a cake and now very crusty like a brownie. It is soft, chewy, and delicious. I really love it. It was another recommendation by the staff so I tried it. I highly recommend this one.

After having this, I realized that my coffee shop dine ins are different now since I order main dish instead of pastries. I don't know if it's healthy but I am enjoying it. I never really thought of having a main dish like pasta or sandwich and coffee as weird, I wonder why? Maybe because I don't go to the counter to order my coffee like I used to? Probably.

behind the lens

here are some more photos of the shop taken on my revisit day.


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Hope you guys could visit and enjoy this awesome coffee experience in Singapore!

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