27 March 2012

Walk at Fort Canning Park

Well, I've conquered another park in Singapore. It was not that big of a park but it is still counted as one. It was the one located in the heart of the city - in between the night-out district and shopping district. If you're a local, you could have guessed by now.

It's Fort Canning Park!

I went there on a sunny-cloudy day last 21 March 2012. It was, of course, my day off from work. Actually, I almost cancelled this trip because of some sudden appointment but it must be fate that I need to go there on that day? Well, enough of romanticism.

Fort Canning Park is a greenery in the city-center. It has the touch of Victorian and Gothic. I think it suits those vintage-loving people. I like the place! I was able to take some for the default photo of my social network.

let the photos do the talking


















(Photos are taken on a bright, cloudy afternoon.

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