19 March 2012

Coffee Trail: SOHO Coffee Singapore

I just got my second stamp for my Be Disloyal Card. Where? At SOHO Coffee. I highly recommend this shop whether for me-time or simply hanging out with friends. This place is simply great!



I had a really great time in this shop with my camera, with my friend, and with my coffee. I went there on a lean hour hence there are less to no people at all. There was a Filipina staff too, so we managed to just do whatever we want - to eat, to talk, and to take pictures.

       The shop was a small one, as compared to Oriole where we first went for the Coffee Trail. It was small but the ambiance is more favorable. It gives off the cozy, casual and friendly feeling. The lightings are proper and give you a warm feeling (I don't mean hot!). The music is very soft; I am not sure if there was actually any music playing at all. I like this idea since some shops would make you hum together with the music, which is a bit distracting for me. Definitely, I can peacefully have a cup of coffee and write something the next time I visit alone.



     The decors in this contemporary coffee shop are minimalist in nature. They have a number of cute, vintage-like items in the shop complementing the whole concept. I think it is common for a coffee shop t have that vintage-touch, or else, the coffee shop feeling wasn't there. I love the shop interior!



There were only a number of staff and they were very friendly. I heard that there were only four full-time staff running the whole shop. It was only a small shop but their location is really good that they have busy hours during lunch. By the way, the staff were all very friendly.



There was also a family of three and their child is still a baby. The Filipina staff told us that they were a friend of the shop owner. They were nice people and the baby is so cute. I think my friend wants to take her home...as a doll? And, since they are regular customers there, they bought a pack of raw coffee beans. It was roasted there in the shop after opening the pack. That was my first time seeing coffee beans being roasted in the shop! Normally, packed coffee beans are already roasted. The live roasting was actually great! You can smell a faint aroma of the coffee beans while it was being roasted. While I was waiting for the final product I took the liberty to take photos all around the shop.


The wordy-FOODIE.

Ambiance of the coffee shop is a great plus factor, but the coffee should be the number one and food is second.

For the coffee, I ordered a hot cup of Caramelized Dolceccino. Although it comes with caramel, the warm drink is not very sweet and still maintain the coffee flavor.

My friend ordered a shot of Piccolo Cappuccino. It's a cute one :) I never tried this one so I cannot give my review. I will try it the next time I visit the shop.

The Caramelized Dolceccino looked a lot simple as compared to the Piccolo Cappuccino. Appearance is one thing yes, but the taste are equally the same, I suppose. I might try making my own caramel coffee at home because of this shop. What I love the most about this coffee concoction is that the milk foam is thick and creamy. It is not just air or cream. I may I say that it is rich. Once mixed in with the coffee, the drink develops this creamy but strong flavor. I really cannot explain it well since I am not a Barista, just a coffee-lover, and so I am not familiar with the jargons. To put it in plain words, the coffee is too great that I cannot describe it.

We only ordered a single portion of Grilled Bacon and Cheese sandwich with potato fries sidings. I love the sandwich, especially the cheese. It comes with tomato but I managed to eat a bit of it. Lately, I am learning to eat vegetables which is healthy for me.

the whereabouts:

SOHO Coffee Singapore is located at 36 Armenian Street, #01-08. Although the address states as such, it is actually in the corner of Loke Yew Street and Hill Street of the Stamford Court Building.

It is in the Vicinity of Funan Digital Mall and is opposite the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. If you see a place which looks like a Chinese Temple just before reaching Funan, you have to alight on the next bus stop. If coming from Orchard, you may take Bus 190, or 197 if coming from east side. The nearest MRT is Bras Basah station of the Circle Line. Even if that is the nearest one, you still have to walk for a few hundred meters. Well, as long as you know where Hill Street or Funan is you will be safe from getting lost.

So far, this is my favorite coffee shop in Singapore. Let me know yours! :)

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